Sunday, 4 September 2011


Michelle said...

Love the Joe Strummer photo, its new to me! xx

G.S. Mankowski said...

Thanks for your message, I'm glad you liked the entry. I was very impressed by the Richey pics on here, it made me think I should have kept my favorites over time. I used to write for the Manic fanzine Repeat and they had some rare ones too. Hoping to see them in December.

You should definitely buy a copy of Is This Desire? Rid Of Me, during her trashy glam phase, is great too. There seems to be a thread running between her, The Manics and The Cure...Ever seen The Cure live? I like the Robert Smith pic btw

G.S. Mankowski said...

I did indeed write for Repeat - how strange that you're a fan of it too! I was incredibly chuffed that they accepted one of my rants about androgyny ( for proof!).
I am also seeing the manics in December- I agree it'll beat an office do. Is it true there's going to be intermissions and video installations? Are we both going to be at the front calling out for songs from the holy bible??